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Customs law

Customs law - a complex area of ​​law, which is a different system of law right-industry sector, which are installed (authorized) by the state and are designed to regulate social relations associated with the movement of goods and vehicles through the customs border, collection of customs duties, customs operations, customs control and other means of customs policy as part of domestic and foreign policy.

Due to the state of our company's customs department, we can provide a full range of services ranging from accreditation to customs (import / export of any commodity groups at the same time to obtain the necessary permits, on the latter), to provide qualified legal support of the enterprise (entrepreneur) at appeal against actions of the customs authority.

This section covers the following units:

- Accreditation at customs

- Customs clearance of import/export

- Certificate of origin of goods

- Conclusion SES

- GMO study protocol

- Certificate of conformity

- Declaration of conformity

- Ozone-depleting substances

- Coordination with the Security Service of Ukraine

- Coordination Committee with drug treatment

- Customs audit


- The appeal of custom actions


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