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ЮФ "Юридическа Лига"

Legal defense

Legal defense - is the right of any citizen or legal entity, which provide them the protection of their rights and interests. The Constitution of Ukraine is guarantees that right.

It is one of the most effective ways to restore the violated or disputed rights. It is caused by the fact that entered into force court decisions must to be strict executed throughout the territory of Ukraine and they are mandatory for all, without exception: public authorities, local governments, public associations, officials, and other individuals and entities.

Natural persons and legal entities may defend their rights and legitimate interests in court personally and with the participation of representatives. Law Firm “Yuridicheskaya Liga” (Legal League) has successfully provided services in protection of legal entities and natural persons in the courts of any instance and in conducting civil, commercial and administrative affairs. Observance and professional application of the norms of procedural and substantive law is one of the most important constituents of success to achieve the desired result in any legal dispute.


This section includes the following topics:

- Commercial disputes

- Civil disputes

- Administrative disputes


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